Freddy Taylor

I am a London-based freelance digital designer with over 17 years experience working for a variety of design agencies, large and small businesses and in-house studios. Producing work primarily in the digital realm – websites, advertising, app/iOS design, content management, social media and email. I can build a front-end, and have experience in UX informed design.

I started in 1999 working as an intern at a design agency in Oxford Circus between 6th form lessons. Eventually the skills I had acquired from an outdated magazine-cover copy of Flash 3 and HotDog were needed and I have been working as a digital designer ever since.

I’m proficient with Adobe’s Creative suite / Cloud and the various applications that are coming to the fore such as Sketch and Hype, and have strong front-end skills coding HTML and CSS. I also believe in the power of ArtRage and Clip studio.

When I’m not working I’m usually found riding my bike, drawing, feeding the tiger or playing Street Fighter.

Contact me at I’m also on linkedin.