About Me

I am a London-based freelance digital designer with over 19 years experience working for a variety of design agencies, large and small e-commerce, and in-house studios.

I started in 1999 working as an intern at a design agency in Oxford Circus between 6th form lessons. Eventually the skills I had acquired from an outdated magazine-cover copy of Paint Shop Pro 5, Flash 3 and HotDog were needed and I have been working as a digital designer ever since.

With some small print experience, I mostly produce work in the digital realm – websites, advertising, app design, content management, social media and email. I can build a UI and a front-end, and have experience in UX informed design.

I have been on a few UX journeys, from personas to eye tracking to heat mapping and back. I’m proficient with Adobe’s Creative suite / Cloud and the other applications such as Sketch and Hype, and have strong front-end skills coding HTML and CSS and have tied up a few bootstraps. I also have some years producing 2D animation for advertising, websites and presentations. I’m currently practicing After Effects, if my laptop doesn’t melt first.

When I’m not working I’m usually found riding my bike, drawing, feeding the tiger or playing Street Fighter/Mario Kart.

Contact me at freddy_taylor@hotmail.com. I’m also on linkedin.

PDF Downloads

CV / Samples / oddschecker apps

Software, Skills & Experience

Adobe CC / photoshop / illustrator / indesign / sketch / HTML / CSS / bootstrap / wordpress / email / online advertising / social media / app / UX

Work Experience

Ocado Retail
2018 to 2019 Senior Digital Designer / Developer

Jog Design
2017 Freelance Designer
Banner production for Ricoh.

Tonic Agency
2017 Freelance Designer
WordPress design & development for TUI careers portal, design consultation for EON’s CMS upgrade, front end dev for Barclays unleash the next reality promotion.

2016 to 2017 Web Designer
At bwin, I produced landing page designs, key promotional visuals, graphics and videos for the main web site, online advertising and social media.

2014 to 2016 Web Designer
While at Pokerstars, I worked accross several departments producing graphics for Pokerstars.com, the poker client software, social media and digital advertising. I also worked for Pokerstars own sportsbook, Betstars, producing HTML, Flash and Gif advertising, social media, BAU/Promotional graphics and working on two rebrands.

Burton Menswear
2014 Freelance Designer
Artworking, page layout and preparing images for web & tablet.

Chris The Gardener
2014 Freelance Designer
Logo design and branding.

2014 Freelance Designer
Logo and UI design for Relayware.com.

2009 – 2014 Senior Designer
At oddschecker I worked closely with the marketing and development teams and went through several site re-designs and rebrands, plus two IOS applications and subsequent redesigns. I was involved with several rounds of user experience testing, and would work closely with developers, producing wireframes for new widgets or apps. Day to day duties included sourcing sports imagery for the homepage, front-end development, newsletter designs, print advertising, banner advertising, micro-sites and any new features for the site.

Rank Interactive
2007 – 2009 Web Designer
At Rank Interactive I worked in a design team of five. I designed and maintained several large websites, including Mecca Bingo, Blue Square, Bingo Universal, and G casino and their various departments. My work varied from designing monthly promotions, banner advertising, email campaigns, microsites, maintenance of the websites as well as some front end coding across all brands. User experience testing started to become widely adopted, and I was involved in creating user journeys, personas, and recording users to develop heat maps.

Abel & Cole
2006 – 2007 Freelance Web Designer
I worked closely in-house with the led developer and marketing team to redesign the Abel & Cole website.

2006 – 2007 Freelance Web Designer
Maintenance and development of the Sony style flash website. Development of microsites for the James Bond movie, ‘Casino Royale’. Flash banner advertising for the Sony PSP game, ‘Mercury Meltdown’.

Pizza Hut
2006 – 2007 Freelance Web Designer
Flash banners for the ‘lunchtime revolution’ and ‘top-this’ TV.

2006 – 2007 Freelance Web Designer
I designed websites and online marketing (banners, emails) for a variety of clients and agencies including Brummells of London, Superdrug, Smarter Comms, Toyota, Uffindell West and British Telecom.

Conrad Advertising
2004 – 2006 Junior Web Designer
At Conrad I designed websites and online advertising, as well as email templates and micro-sites for promotions. The work was exclusively for the travel industry and I worked for companies such as Last Minute, Go Travel, Insure and Go and Gateway Holidays.

2002 – 2004 Web Designer
I worked as a freelance designer, developing websites for smaller businesses.

2001 – 2002 Junior Web Designer
At Digilogic, a London-based e-commerce company, I worked on the development and implementation of client sites. Employed principally as a designer, I also worked on CD-ROM presentations, hosting solutions and print work. I was also involved in the maintenance of large content management systems.

Saffron Digital Production
1999 – 2000 Intern
In my final year at 6th form, I completed an internship at Saffron Digital Production’s studio, where I shadowed the designers. Although the work was mainly in print, I had the opportunity to work on a website for one of their clients. I was also able to follow the various stages of a high profile advertising campaign that Saffron were creating for L’Oreal.